ROADBUDDY 10 HHD 2 B5 Battery-Powered Bluetooth Speaker with Mixer and 2 Wireless Microphones

The LD Systems Roadbuddy 10 is an elegant solution for voice and music transmission on the go. The 2-way speaker with a 10" custom woofer and a 1" compression driver is operated with a rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours and is powered by a class D power amplifier with a highly efficient switching power supply and 480 watts of peak power.

The Roadbuddy relies fully on wireless transmission: it has two UHF radio receiver which operates in the 584 -607 MHz range. The on-board Bluetooth player with backlit multifunction display ,equalizer, USB port and SD card slot supports the mp3, wma and wav formats. Two handheld microphone with 10 mW output power(LDRBUD10HHD2B5), two headset microphones with belt pack (LDRBUD10BPH2B5) or as an alternative a handheld microphone and a headset microphone with belt pack (LDRBUD10HBH2B5) and an IR-remote control for the player are included.

For wired devices, the Roadbuddy has two channels with combo jacks and individual volume controllers that are switchable for microphone and line level, a stereo input via RCA (Cinch) sockets (mono summed) and a 3.5 mm Aux input. Treble, Bass, Echo and Master volume controllers complete the control panel.

The LD Systems Roadbuddy is easily transportable thanks to built-in castor wheels and a pull-out handle. On the top, there is a handy storage compartment for up to two hand-held transmitter microphones. The plastic housing of this lightweight device has been designed to accommodate a 35 mm tripod mount.

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Funda protectora para el Roadbuddy 10 fabricada en nylon 1680D de gran resistencia con un acolchado de 5 mm y cierre de velcro para acceder fácilmente al asa de transporte.

Sweet SixTeen MD B5

  • Cápsula dinámica
  • Selector de sensibilidad (20dB)
  • Fácil manejo y puesta en marcha con los 16 canales
  • Indicador de batería baja
  • Hasta 10 horas de operación con baterías de 2AA (dependiendo del modelo)
  • Superficie de tacto suave

Roadman 102 R B5

Módulo receptor UHF de 16 canales para Roadman 102, Roadboy 65 y Roadbuddy 10
  • En general, Roadman y Roadboy se suministran con un solo módulo receptor
  • Receptor UHF PLL de 16 canales con pantalla LCD
  • Tanto Roadman como Roadboy disponen de espacio para montar un segundo módulo
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