Always a superb, detailed monitor sound, no matter where you are on stage: that’s what we have designed the U500® In-Ear Monitoring Systems for. Providing a transmission range greater than 100 m, 96 channels. infrared syncing and selectable RF output power up to 30 mW, they deliver a perfect, all-professional performance. An outstanding feature is their amazingly low noise floor. Allowing individual monitor mix adjustment, U500® In-Ear Systems include a 3-band EQ with parametric mids, and a switchable limiter keeps sudden peaks at bay. Running up to 10 hours on two AA batteries, the U500® Bodypack Receiver offers a choice of three squelch levels to ensure interference-free monitoring at all times. Sporting advanced engineering and maximum reliability, U500® In-Ear Monitoring Systems are available for operation in five frequency bands.